6 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Cover Band in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a live band for your special corporate or private event, it's important to make the right choice. Here are 6 things you must know.

1. Go see the band play live.

Check if their song selection is appropriate for your event type and expected demographics. Do they interact well with the crowd, or are they reserved or nervous? Speak to the band members after the gig to determine if they will be pleasant to work with and are professional or will they turn up drunk or stoned.

2. Are they dependable? What are the chances they cancel last minute?

Of more importance than how long ago the band formed is: How long have the current line up been playing together? If they have only been playing together for a few months, this may increase the risk of cancellation, compared to a band line up that have been playing together for years.

3. Are the performers permanent members of the band, or are they relying on temporary fill-ins?

The use of fill-ins is common if members are sick, but continued reliance on fill-ins can be an indication that the members have other higher priority commitments. This increases the chances of schedule clashes, or that the members aren't that passionate about the band.

4. Are they dedicated to being professional or are they a hobby band?

A simple test is to observe how the band ends each song. If they are continually giving each other visual cues, like nodding their heads to each other to indicate "should we end now?", then this usually means they don't rehearse as a group very often. Professionals don't need to look at each other to get head-nodding cues to know when a song is about to end. It may happen on occasions but if it happens repeatedly it's usually an indication that the band doesn't rehearse regularly.

5. Check their on-line presence.

Complex websites aren't necessarily that important but they should at least have a basic social media page with promotional videos which can give you a better indication of how they perform live and how organized they are. Also, take a look at videos supplied by audience members - they'll give you great insight into how an event actually turns out.

6. The other stuff: Sound, lighting, DJs, MCs.

Bands that play often will know who the correct support staff should be. They can usually give you contact details for suppliers of sound and lighting equipment. Some larger events may need MCs or DJs but be sure to apply these same tips to determine if they too are appropriate for your event.

A little bit of research will save you a lot of heart-ache later. You only get to have your special day once, so be sure to be armed with as much information as possible to make the right decision for you. Whichever type of entertainment you choose, we hope these tips have given you some confidence that you have made the most appropriate selection, and that your event is a joyous and memorable one.